Not just a massage but a journey to deep tranquillity to restore you to your whole self....your best self. With every massage stroke putting your shattered self back together again. Reconnecting your Mind Body and Soul.

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Are you looking for the perfect escape from stress and the busyness of everyday life. A little port in a storm perhaps?

Do you feel like you are crawling through life barely keeping everything together?

Massages with Helen are unlike other massages but instead you will be taken on a journey from frazzled and exhausted to refreshed and restored.

From the moment you arrive at my serene and cosy therapy room you will be able to take a deep breath and relax and simply let go.

You are a unique individual who deserves to be and feel their best. Each treatment is utterly bespoke to you and never ever rushed. In fact its an experience unlike other massages because its a wonderful combination of deep remedial releasing massage along with the soothing warmth of hot basalt stones and aromatic oils and mind space.

Each Massage a carefully curated Ritual of which you are the centre.



How can Holistic therapies help me?

Please do take a look of the specially curated Treatments on offer here. They have been created to give you the best outcomes for Tension and Tightness and Discomfort . Created from 10 years of experience and feed back from many hundreds of clients. Body pain can be acute or chronic and long held. It can be physical emotional or spiritual. We are three dimensional beings not simply just physical.

All massages begin with my voice soothing your mind space so you can drop down from your busy mind into your body. This is so important for the most wonderful deeply profound massage experience. Calming your nervous system All your senses are engaged. Being Mindful and present.

Hypnotic music & Fragrant Essential Oils followed by the deeply comforting releasing pressures of each massage stroke. Massages are completed with the deep warmth of the basalt stones held in my hands. Heat and relaxation transferred deep into your body. Thus melting away any remaining lingering tension and any doubts that you deserve to be so very peaceful and deeply relaxed. Which you will be. So much so that I encourage you to rest for at least 15 minutes after your therapy with a warm or cool drink on the couch. This gives us the opportunity to discuss after care too. Before you set off home to rest. The massage effects will continue for several hours and over the next three days or so as your body reconfigures to a new default mode. More peaceful.

Useful Information

I am fully qualified and Insured for all my therapies and a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. A professional body that accepts therapists trained to very high standards and supports and monitors continuous professional development. Treatments are always confidential.

I would never share your details with a third party unless needed for GP Consent and only then with your permission.

I abide by Government Guidelines for Strict hygiene practices implemented during the 2020 Covid Pandemic and will continue to do so. Your safety is my priority.

Consultation forms are sent to you in advance of your therapy.

If any medical contraindications are noted the therapy can be adapted or an alternative therapy recommended. If in doubt consent will be requested via your healthcare practitioner. This is your responsibility to obtain and I can advise you on this. However this is usually very rare.

48 hours notice of cancellation requested or 50% of therapy cost will be required.

If you cancel less than 24 hours of booked therapy you will be required to pay in full. Deposits may sometimes be requested in advance. Please note this I am very strict!

My therapy days are Tuesday to Thursdays.

Helen Adams- Reiki Master, Rahanni Practitioner, Angelic Reiki Practitioner



With over 10 years experience as a Holistic therapist and before that a Nurse, I have always been a natural nurturer.

Im also really passionate about well-being and self care after my own experiences of letting myself get completely run down caring for everyone else. I was always putting myself at the bottom of the list to be looked after. Then I realised I wasn't really good for anyone any more when I became totally exhausted .

So my Mantra is "Self care is not Selfish" but life affirming and really rather essential.

Now I make time for Yoga Swimming Meditating Cycling and Walking through our local countryside and lovely massages too.


  • Level 3 VTCT in Swedish Massage
  • Level 3 VTCT in Aromatherapy
  • Level 3 VTCT in Indian Head Massage
  • BTEC Level 3 in Education & Training
  • Teaching certificate in Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Diplomas in Pedicures/ Thai Foot Massage /Japanese Facial Massage/Hot stone Therapy
  • Reiki Master
  • Rahanni Practitioner
  • Angelic Reiki Practitioner


Rosalind - Liss

I've rediscovered Helen and her amazing therapies recently - it's been the perfect escape and medicine in these uneasy times. I have had back massages in the past that are wonderful but have recently been thoroughly enjoying Helen's unique and bespoke Indian Head Massage. Each session is a ray of sunshine in my week, tailored with her expertise to fit my mindset and mood. I feel revitalised every time. Thank you Helen!

Martin - Petersfield

Helen’s treatments and kindness is simply outstanding. Which clearly comes from her love of people and her natural instinct to help and heal. Recently I damaged my back and at very short notice Helen was able to give me an appointment same day, and relieve the pain. Thank you

Rosie - Liphook

Helen is a fantastic therapist and has one of the best attentions to detail I have ever seen. As a sports therapist I can sometimes shy away from having treatment from anyone as I found I couldn’t relax as was always thinking of things I would do differently. This is not the case with Helen. I have had many different treatments with her and all are absolutely fantastic. You come out feeling energised and renewed. She is one of the most caring and honest individuals I have met.

Louise - Petersfield

I had reiki with Helen and it was a truly wonderful experience. Helen has such a beautifully calm manner, so that you instantly relax as soon as you walk through the door. I felt extremely comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole wonderful experience and came away feeling like a weight had been lifted. 100% recommended.

Treatments & Pricing

Be Mindful

1.5 Hour session


  • These deep peaceful restorative sessions run from my therapy room in Greatham twice monthly on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Lasting 1.5 hours you will enjoy learning more about and experiencing these life affirming tools to deeply and profoundly enhance your wellbeing. Wonderful for relieving stress and helping you feel grounded calmer and clearer. Comfortable chairs and a peaceful cosy environment is provided along with aromatic essential oils. Pure Bliss. There will never be more than 4 of us including myself as your guide. One to one private sessions can also be arranged. Great for students facing exams or if you have anxiety or low mood or sleep problems. Learn how to support your well-being with this age old practice. Please do get in touch for dates and times as these sessions run regularly throughout the year.
  • Price - £25:00

Be Clear

90 Minutes

Spiritual Guidance

  • For when you need some Spiritual Guidance and Healing to clear your way forward. Sometimes we get a little lost and low and are not really sure how to move forward. Healing is difficult to describe unless you have experienced it. I liken it to being plugged into the mains and being recharged with positive energy. Healing always brings you what you need at the time. Sometimes it can simply be a huge letting go. A release. Healing is my Joy and Honour to give you. Filled with love and light. This therapy begins with a chat to clarify your focus. Then a Guided Meditation I intuitively take you through to deepy relax. Just follow my voice. Followed by Healing and finishing with a soothing drink and an Oracle card or two to Guide you on. You remain fully clothed and warm and comfy lying on the couch.
  • Price - £70:00

Be Serene

1 Hour massage

Full Body Massage

  • This can be as gentle or as deep as you need. A blend of massage techniques to soothe calm and deeply relax your mind body and soul. For when you want a flowing massage for your whole body. Every stroke of massage carefully thought about and finished with the sublime warmth of the basalt stones. Layers of loveliness with warmed essential oils inhaled as you float away. Begins with guided relaxation breath work to begin to encourage deeper release of body tension. Therapy time is 75 minutes.
  • This Ritual includes 15 mins post massage rest with a hot drink.
  • Price - £70.00

Be Centred

75 Minutes of massage

Thai Foot massage & Japanese Facial, Shoulder & Scalp Massage

  • This grounding and rejuvenating double combination begins with Hot Mitts to the feet and includes placement of hot stones held by you and placed on the front of your body. Then follows a detailed foot massage with hot stones to finish on lower legs and feet. To restore tired achy feet and legs. As if this wasnt enough this is followed by a detailed massage to neck and face and scalp. Using Japanese facial reflexology points you will be transported to another place I like to call massage La La Land. Hot stones to neck and shoulders too because its too lovely not to! Begins with guided relaxation breath work to begin to encourage deeper release of body tension. Therapy time is 90 minutes.
  • This Ritual includes 15 mins post massage rest with a hot drink.
  • Price - £75.00

Be Glowing

1 Hour

aromatic essential oil facial

  • A delightful aromatic blend of pure essential oils makes this facial unforgettable. This experience includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation and an aromatic massage, with a hydrating or deeply cleansing face mask. Includes detailed face neck and shoulder massage and the softest Hot Mitts you have ever experienced with tiny brushes also to aid lymphatic drainage. Hot stones add the ultimate heavenly relaxing layer as they are placed on the front of your body to begin the treatment. You will feel all snuggly and cosy on the soft & supportive pre-warmed couch wrapped in blankets. Begins with guided relaxation breath work to begin to encourage deeper release of body tension. Therapy time is 75 minutes. You can add a soothing Aromatherapy Back Massage to this for an extra £25 to make your session 90 minutes. Go on- you deserve it.
  • This includes 15 mins post facial rest with a soothing hot drink.
  • Price - £60.00

Be Restored

45 Minutes

Head Scalp Face Shoulder Hands and Arms Massage

  • This seated massage is so incredibly powerfully restorative. For when you don't have time for a full hours massage but still want to feel a release and relaxation of your upper body. Based on ancient Indian Head massage techniques with a modern twist. A firm favourite with many of my clients. Ideal if you are a busy mum or dad or perhaps work a lot sat at a computer. Arms supported on a soft pillow. A few guided words from me to drop down out of your busy head space into your body. A flowing massage for upper back, neck scalpand face. The yummiest scalp massage you can imagine. Drift away completely. The essential oils wrap themselves around you like a comforting blanket of calm. Hot stones to upper back and both arms and hands to finish. Smooth stones of heavenly warmth. You will float home ready to continue work and family life feeling revived. The perfect pick me up!
  • Price - £55:00

Guided Sessions

Massages, Guided Meditation & Mindfulness

  • Massages and Guided Meditation & Mindfulness sessions with Helen will take you on a journey from frazzeled and exhausted to refreshed and restored.

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  • Helen is the voice of Petersfield Shine Radio's Mindful Moments and really enjoys inspiring people to be their best.



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